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\\\\\\\\\\\\Finally You Can Stop Worrying About Email Deliverability . . .\\\\\\\\\\\\

Dear Professional Marketer,

As an email marketer myself, I share your concerns about trying to get messages through to your members and subscribers, and even when you accomplish that, getting them opened…

Taking into account SPAM filters, and lazy or busy readers who don’t even open your email, you can reasonably expect only a tiny percentage of your intended readers will ever SEE any given message you send.

And The Statistics for Email Are Not Encouraging…

On June 12, 2006, the Nielsen Norman Group published the Email Newsletter Usability Report. This report found that:


Only 19% of newsletters are thoroughly read by the recipients.

Readers’ primary method of dealing with email newsletters is to skim.

The fact that email users continue to receive more and more email has caused them to become even more stressed and impatient when going through their inbox.

Email recipients are increasingly using spam filters as an easy way to eliminate newsletters they no longer wish to receive.

RSS is NOT the Answer… at Least Not Yet

Whilst RSS offers a solution for the net savvy subscriber and it is likely to be the way of the future, Nielsen found that 82% of email users had no idea what the term “RSS” referred to, and that people scan headlines and blurbs within RSS feeds with more abandon than they scan email newsletters!

And that’s why we created our \\\\\\\\\\\\Contact \\\\\\\\\\\\Em\\\\\\\\\\\\ script …

Your Message Is GUARANTEED To Get Through!

All it takes is a simple quick install of \\\\\\\\\\\\Contact \\\\\\\\\\\\Em\\\\\\\\\\\\ and you can rest assured your message – whatever it is – gets through to your members and subscribers. All of them.

Think about it. EVERYONE has a homepage – the start page that is visited every time a new browser is launched. And your message will be right there, at the top of your members’ homepage – impossible to miss.

Your message will not interfere with their normal homepage. Your member will still be directed to their personal favourite – Yahoo, MSN, Google, or whatever. But, the benefit to both of you is that YOUR MESSAGE will appear right at the top of the page. Not large, not blocking anything, but it will be there, right in front of your members’ eyes, guaranteed to be seen.

Here is a screenshot of my homepage, which is made with the Contact \\\\\\\\\\\\Em Script. Notice my \\\\\\\\\\\\homepage\\\\\\\\\\\\ is STILL Google, same as before!

Incredibly Simple to Implement and Update!

Simple Installation of this PHP Script Gets You Started Quickly! Just follow the simple instructions and you will be up and running in minutes!
Admin Area Gives You Full Control… From the script’s admin area, you have full control over the appearance and content of your messages. Update your messages as often as you wish and it will never be obtrusive to your members.
Simple Member Activation… Your members merely enter their name and normal homepage into your simple form, submit the information and are given a link to use in the place of their normal homepage link. They will still be directed to their regular homepage, but your messages will appear at the top of the page!
Your Message Appears Automatically… Once you have defined the appearance and content of your message, and your members are using the specially generated links as their homepage link, your messages will always AUTOMATICALLY appear at the top of the page, EVERY TIME your member starts their browser!

You Will Love It, And So Will Your Members!
100% of Your Messages Will Be Delivered… You will never have to worry about spam filters or other deliverability issues again!
Your Members Will Appreciate It… Not only will YOU be happy with reaching every member, whenever you like with a new message, your members will appreciate being “in the know”, automatically receiving updates as they are needed, without having to wait for the next email – if it even gets through!
Increase Your Sales and Member Response… Think of the results you are seeing now with your email messages. Now multiply that many times and imagine what it would be like if EVERY MESSAGE reached EVERY MEMBER! Awesome thought, isn’t it?
So Easy To Setup and Operate… You’ll be up and running in minutes! There’s hardly a learning curve to this script at all – just insert your HTML code in the proper box to create your members’ message and get them to use the special links for their homepage, and you are all set. Simple right?
Easy to Generate Member Interest… Many of your members will want to take advantage of this by using your special home page link. A good way to generate even more interest is to offer special gifts or incentives that will only appear in the special messages from the script.
Fully Customizable… You are free to tweak and edit the main page, so it will fit seamlessly in your site!)

The Time to Get Started is Now!…

As email users become even more buried in spam and list response rates continue to dwindle, isn’t it time to make use of technology that allows you to regain the edge?

This script works. . . It works to reach every one of your members and subscribers who uses the special link as their homepage link, giving them updates, offers, and important messages you can change at a moment’s notice – messages you know WILL BE SEEN. And that’s the bottom line…

100% Risk-Free Guarantee:


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Let me be honest with you (as always): You may not be able to persuade all your subscribers and members to edit their homepage link.

But the fact is, that even if a small percentage of your members do so, it could still mean a SIGNIFICANT difference in the total number of people who actually see your message and click through to your offers.

No, it’s definitely not the time to give up totally on email, but IT IS the time to put alternatives in place that work, and stay a step ahead of your competition.

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